Forums reinvented.

Distributed message threads platform that will change the way you interact with forums forever.

Your Own Server

Just as with traditional forum software, you can create your own thread server and customize it to look and feel the way your brand does.

Subscribe to Boards

Seed your server with interesting threads by syndicating message boards that already exist and are distributed throughout the CloudThreads network.

Track & Follow

Keep track of thread participation across all threads on the CloudThreads network. Be notified when there are replies from participants originating on any thread server.

Syndicate Local Boards

When you want to open up access to a local message board that has some compelling content, you can push it out to the CloudThreads network so other servers can syndicate. You can even charge them for access.

Private Local Boards

Message boards that stay local and do not become available to other servers. This allows you to have full control of your content and not have to worry about external users from posting.

Mobile Applications

Simple, beautiful mobile apps let users read and post on any CloudThreads server. They are designed to make communicating on threads easy and effective.

Easy to Use

An emphasis on a good user experience allows for a frustration free experience that no other forum platform provides for their users.


It's beautiful. The web app, the mobile apps, and the admin app are all designed with keeping only the minimum amount of information on screen at once. It makes the interface attractive, and keeps users engaged.


It is a paid commercial platform that ensures that it is funded and continuously evolving. It also provides an additional revenue model for server owners when charging for syndication.